Modern age is an age of explosion of knowledge and influx of information. This information is pouring from all directions through every kind of information media. Man has never been as knowledge and informed as he is today. The dissemination of knowledge is going on through various means but internet has radicalized it. New ideas, new thoughts and new concepts are provoking the intellect and agitating the mind. Every branch of knowledge is expanding its horizons and man’s intelligence is continuously on the look for higher points of excellence. The pace of change in modern world is very fast and one cannot survive effectively without getting equipped with the tools of modern day’s information and technology. But this supremacy of technology is also bringing about a new culture. The imposition of this new culture is endangering our social values as well. Our youth is incumbent upon to shoulder double responsibility. On the one hand they have to keep themselves abreast with the modern trends of education and information. While on the other hand they must sustain their value system to ensure the existence of our social fabrics. No doubt it is a huge task but not an impossible one. Our religious and spiritual strength lies in knowledge and wisdom. If we keep struggling utilizing our power of intellect in the framework of Quranic guidance, we would be able to solve the intricacies of modernism.